JeoHunter 3D Basic and Dual System


The JeoHunter is available in two versions, the JeoHunter Basic and the JeoHunter Dual version. Below is a clear overview of the specifications, differences / similarities in the two versions and what is / is not present in these two versions.

  JeoHunter Basic

JeoHunter Dual

Frequention: 12,5 kHz

Operating System: VLF
Very Low Frequency
Very Low Frequencyincludedincluded
Automatic ground balance
For optimal prestation even under the most difficult conditions
Automatische grondbalansincludedincluded
Metal discriminationMetal discriminationincludedincluded
System unit
with LCD color display
System unit with LCD color displayincludedincluded
Power supply: 14.8 volt
4 ampere lithium-ion recharcheable battery adapter with universal AC charger + car charger
4 ampere lithium-ion recharcheable battery adapter with universal AC charger + car chargerincludedincluded
Headphone jack
Headphone included
Headphone jack with headphoneincludedincluded
Systembox holder
for comfortable use
Systembox holderincludedincluded
Bag JeoHunter systemBag JeoHunter systemincludedincluded
General Search Coil
Search Coil 36cmx44cm up to 8 meters
General Search Coilincludedincluded
Surface Search Coil
Surface Search Coil 21cmx31,5cm up to 6 meters with -easy-to-use- LED indication.
Oppervlakte zoekspoel met LED indicatienot includedincluded
Deep Search Coil
Deep Search Coil 60cmx100cm up to 12 meters
Deep Search zoekspoelnot includedincluded
Bag Deep Search Coil
Bag Deep Search Coilnot includedincluded
User manualGebruikershandleidingincludedincluded
(Online) Support
Personal instructions, online support, training
(Online) Supportincludedincluded
Two years Warranty, exclude battery, bags, headphone and charger
Two years Warrantyincludedincluded


Are you ready to discover the dephts no one ever has reached before? - JeoHunter 3D Systeem