JeoHunter 3D Basic and Dual System


The JeoHunter Basic and the JeoHunter Dual system contains a 3D JeoHunter Systembox with LCD color display.

JeoHunter 3D System - Makro Detector
General search coil of 36cmx44cm - Makro Detector

"The JeoHunter systembox with LCD color display is standard delivered with a search coil of 36cmx44cm. This coil is good for detection up to 8 meters.

Systembox holder for comfortable use. Standard included.

Systembox holder for comfortable use - Makro Detector
Rechargeable battery and its charger adapter  - Makro Detector

For the JeoHunter systembox is a rechargeable battery and its charger adapter included.

Useful storage bag for the JeoHunter systembox and General search coil.

Bag for the JeoHunter Basic system - Makro Detector
Headphone - Makro Detector

The JeoHunter 3D system (Basic and Dual version) is equipped with a headset to hear the signals generated by the system when detect metal objects or cavities.

The JeoHunter 3D Dual package is the same as the Basic package with two extra search coils, the Surface Search Coil with LED indication and the Deap Search coil for a depth up to 12 meters. For these coils is a special bag included.

The JeoHunter 3D Dual package - Makro Detector
The JeoHunter LED Surface Search Coil with LED indication - Makro Detector

In the JeoHunter 3D Dual system is an additional Surface Search Coil 21cmx31,5cm included with LED indicator. With this coil you do not need the JeoHunter system box. The LED indicator on the joystick indicates whether you found metal (valuable or not valuable) or cavities.

For the large and deep work, the JeoHunter 3D Dual system included a Deep Search Coil 60cmx100cm search for up to 12 meters.

Deep Search Coil of 60cmx100cm, for depth up to 12 meters - Makro Detector
Bag for the Deep Search coil - Makro Detector

For the Deep Search coil of 60cmx100cm is an extra bag included.


Are you ready to discover the dephts no one ever has reached before? - JeoHunter 3D Dual Systeem