JeoHunter 3D Ground Radar System


Jeohunter 3D System is a detector system which is produced with the cutting-edge technology. This detector is capable of performing to detection the most advanced metal and cavity. The JeoHunter 3D System is designed to locate the most profound treasures, metal objects or cavities.

With the standard search coil the JeoHunter 3D System can detect metal object up to 8 meters depth.

You will experience the excitement of searching in the deep areas for old metals which have not been explored by anyone before with Deep Searchcoil which is active up to 12 meters depth.

With the Surface Search Coil, you can search with the LED indication on the joystick of the detector up to 6 meters depth.

You will enjoy the comfort of having 3 detectors at the same time as you purchase Jeohunter 3D Dual System.

The JeoHunter System is available in a standard package. The standard consists the JeoHunter systembox with standard search for search up to 8 meters depth.

JeoHunter 3D Systeem - JeoHunter 3D System
View 3D Analysis Report - JeoHunter 3D System View 2D Analysis Report - JeoHunter 3D System

The objects / treasure is displayed on a color display in 3D view. It is also possible to representation a 2D view of the object or treasure. The display shows which types of metal was found. These different views and information helps the user to do a good potential analysis.

There are already several years depth finders on the market. There are also a number of metal detectors which give beautiful views of the found object.

The JeoHunter is a combination of this but goes much further with his depth and 2D / 3D image views. It is possible to save the images and view it back (at another location and other time) for analysis.

With this groundradarsystem you can works on a different way. It is not necessary to immediately digging. The field can be searched, images can be saved without immediately digging. Immediately digging can be but it is not required by this system. The 2D and 3D views can be used at another location, at another time for analysis and to make a plan. The views can be evaluated by experts. This not only saves time but also unnecessary digging activities and money. Especially if you works at great depths.

In addition, the JeoHunter also simply be used as a super metal detector. You can find objects that you immediately digging.

Search and analysis - JeoHunter 3D System Searching and digging with a super detector - JeoHunter 3D System
View 3D Analysis Report - JeoHunter 3D System View 2D Analysis Report - JeoHunter 3D System

In the years back the groundradarsystems was only use for businesses, government agencies or organizations in the construction, archeology or professional treasure hunters.

The manufacturer Makro Detector now has 25 years experience in the field of groundradarsystems and has become one of the top brands in groundradarsystems. The JeoHunter is used worldwide. This groundradarsystem is now also accessible for the (amateur) hobbist or archaeologist. Makro Detector has been made it possible to make a acceptable price for this professional detector.

The JeoHunter is widely used in countries where gold is found but will also often used in the large (archaeological) excavations. The JeoHunter the groundradarsystem is very popular and over the years one of the best and affordable groundradarsystem that were currently available.

The JeoHunter get used to finding hidden treasures and antiquities (think about the second world war) but is also used to find cavities underground. Underground cellars, small cavities, passages and tunnels with JeoHunter easily to found.

Search and analysis - JeoHunter 3D System Search and analysis - JeoHunter 3D System
The JeoHunter on the building site - JeoHunter 3D System The JeoHunter on the building site - JeoHunter 3D System

The JeoHunter is also used in the construction industry. The System can be used to analyze the land. In some cases, Jeohunter system used to investigate the ground. Consider for example, former landfills, underground cavities, pipes and cables, armed cement constructions, (metal) storage tanks. The JeoHunter can show all this in 3D view.


Are you ready to discover the dephts no one ever has reached before? - JeoHunter 3D System